Tasco Essentials 10×25 Compact Binoculars, Roof Prism (Brown Camo)

Tasco Essentials 10x 25mm Roof Prism Compact Binoculars (Brown Camo) Rating:
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Overview of Tasco Essentials 10x25 Compact Binoculars

Tasco Essentials 10x25 compact binoculars have a powerful magnification of 10x. This binocular is fully protected by rubber armor with rugged style. The optics is fully coated intended for a clearer and brighter view.

This is a great binocular for its great compact size; it's great as game hunting binoculars especially on mountains. This binocular is built with an excellent roof-prism design. It is design as a weather-resistant binocular making it convenient and easier to use. This product has a shipping weight of 11.8 ounces.

Who is This Suited for?

The binoculars are tool for adventurous people. They can enjoy the beauty of nature through looking at it with a lighter and brighter view of this binocular. Those who would want to see things clearly from far places will really love this product. People will surely love this product for its features. It can make them see clearer and brighter at a distance.

What We Like about It

The Tasco Essentials work great. It has an extremely superb glass quality. The design is good; it works well in different views. For its amazing feature, it is being offered in a reasonable price making it more ideal to buy. Its camouflage armor design makes it more ideal for long distance outing. Its size and weight factor is also great making it handy.

Minor Drawback You Should be Aware of

One disappointing factor about this product is its case. The case is not big enough to hold the binocular in its adjusted position. The case must fit the binoculars in order not to alter the settings.

Summary and the Verdict

To sum it all, picking up this product is a no brainer. This is a worth having product because of its excellent features. The money spent for this product is truly worth it, t is commendable to friends and relatives. It can be a perfect gift for anyone. Its all-in-one factor is truly amazing.

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Tasco Essentials 10x 25mm Roof Prism Compact Binoculars (Brown Camo) 4.2 out of 5 based on 434 ratings.
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